• July 5 – July 7 2013
  • Platform: Linux, Mac OSX, Windows, Web
  • High Concept: Fast-paced Arcade Game
  • Emotion was a game made in Unity for Molyjam Deux. The theme was out of context quotes from Peter Molyneux, where the quote I used involved taking what you’ve learned from every game you’ve made and creating one “final” game. I am not going to explicitly state what pieces I took from each game I worked on before this, but I feel like I was able to incorporate something from each of the four main projects I worked on at DigiPen. The game is fairly simple, the player must simply dodge the oncoming cubes for as long as possible. As the game progresses, there are less possible openings for the player to go through, and the obstacles come faster and faster.
  • Built With: Unity 4.x
  • Featured on: Indie Statik